Step 3: Uploading 360-Degree-Images

Under Upload in the editing section of your 360-degree-tour, you can upload, download and name 360-degree-images.

Upload 360-degree-images – Choose one or more 360-degree-images from your computer to add them to your 360-degree-tour. Uploading images can take a few minutes, depending on the size of the images and the speed of your internet connection.

You can also add the 360-degree-images via drag & drop. Simply drag the image files from your computer into the upload window.

Allowed format for 360-degree-images: .JPG

Resolution for 360-degree-images:   2 : 1 (max. 12000 * 6000 Pixel)

HERE you learn how to upload images directly from your mobile device using the THETA HDR app.


Delete Images – Click Delete-Image to remove a 360-degree-image from your tour.


Download Image – Click Download Image to download the original image file to your computer.


Rename – Enter a name for your 360-degree-image to be displayed in your 360-degree-tour.

Note: Under each shot, the original name of each image file (for example, HDR_122356643_135246.jpg) and the new name (e.g., bathroom) are displayed.


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