Step 5: Blurring Faces, License Plates etc.

Use Blurring to make certain parts of your 360-degree-images unrecognizable.

Note: Car license plates and people/faces should definitely be made unrecognizable.

Mark an area that you want to blur

To blur an area in a shot, first select Mark Area. Now use the mouse to drag a field around the part of the image that you want to make unrecognizable.

Note: In this section, images are displayed not in 360-degree but as “flat” images. In order to completely blur areas on the edge of a picture, it may therefore be necessary to place markers on both sides of the picture.


Delete a blurred area

To delete a blurred area, select it with the mouse and click X to remove blurring.

Blurred sections can be moved with the mouse and the size can be changed.


Click Save and blur image to save the image with the selected areas being blurred.


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