Create/Edit Team Accounts

To create a new team member, first open the settings in your FEELESTATE account and select the TEAM (BETA) section. Now enter the team member’s data in the text fields and select the required role / authorization from the drop-down menu. Note: You can find a detailed description of the […]

What is TEAMS?

In order to work with several members of your team with only one FEELESTATE license, you can now create individual accounts and logins. All team members access the contractually defined scope of functions and storage space of your main account and can be assigned different authorizations / roles. Team members […]

Step 6: Adding Areas/Floors

Under Areas in the editing section of your 360-degree-tour, you can divide your tour into areas such as floors (First Floor, Second Floor, Outside Area etc.) to which you can assign 360-degree-images and floor plans. The areas are displayed in the 360-degree-tour on the left side. The full name of an […]

Step 7: Integrating Floor Plans

Under Floor Plans in the editing section of your 360-degree-tour, you can add a floor plan to each area of your tour and  place markers to position the assigned 360-degree-images in the floor plan. Note: Floor plans can be uploaded as JPEG or PDF files. Adding a floor plan to […]

Publishing a 360-degree-tour on your Website

If you would like to publish your 360-degree-tour on your website, you will find the necessary HTML-codes unter Publish in the editing section of your tour. Note: The embedding codes are inserted in the administration area of your website. If necessary, contact the administrator of your website. The following options […]

Step 8: Creating Info-Content

Under Info Content in the editing section of your 360-degree-tour, you can create templates with text, images, video-links etc. to be assigned to the i-Button in the menu bar of your 360-degree-tour or to be placed as Info-Buttons directly in one or more 360-degree-images of your 360-degree-tour.     Creating a […]

Step 11: Publishing the 360-Degree-Tour

Under Publishing in the editing section of you 360-degree-tour you find everything you need to share your 360-degree-tour with potential customers, embed it on your website or publish it on real estate portals. Note: Before publishing your finished 360-degree-tour, review it in the browser to make sure everything was set up […]

Step 10: Managing the Access Control

Under Access Control in the editing section of your 360-degree-tour, you can manage the password protection for individual images of your 360-degree-tour. The following publishing modes can be selected in under Tour Settings in the editing section of your 360-degree-tour. 1. Public – Tours in public mode can be viewed anonymously without […]