Step 11: Publishing the 360-Degree-Tour

Under Publishing in the editing section of you 360-degree-tour you find everything you need to share your 360-degree-tour with potential customers, embed it on your website or publish it on real estate portals.

Note: Before publishing your finished 360-degree-tour, review it in the browser to make sure everything was set up correctly.

General Publishing


  • PDF: Click the Play-Button to start the 360-degree-tour in your browser

    Download Preview PDF

    Download a PDF document including the Tour-URL.




    • Generate QR-Code –  Generate a QR code of the tour link. The QR code can be scanned with a QR code scanner from any smartphone or tablet to start the 360-degree-tour.

    Generate HTML codes for embedding the tour into your website

    To embed a 360-degree- tour into your website, you can generate the required HTML codes.

    The HTML embed codes are entered through the administration area of your website. If necessary, contact the administrator of your website.

    The following options are available for embedding the tour in your website:

    Embed a Link-Button – Add a 360°-Button to your website through which the tour can be started in a new tab in the browser

    Embed a Pop-Up-Button – Add a 360°-Button to your website through which the tour can be started in a Pop-Up tab in the browser

    Link-Button & Pup-Up-Button

    Embed directly (Iframe) – Add your 360-degree-tour as an IFrame to your website allowing customers to use the tour directly in the embedded window on your website.

    Unique Tour link – This is the unique link through which the tour can be accessed.

    MLS-Link – This is a tour link, through which a unbranded version of the tour (no logo, no links etc.) can be accessed.

    Social Media

    To share your tour through social media, you can copy/paste the Tour-link or use the social media buttons to share directly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest.


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