How to change the start viewing direction?

For each 360-degree-image in your tour, you can set a default viewing direction. The default viewing direction defines the first view a user will see when entering a 360-degree-images in your tour.

The default viewing direction is also used for generating the preview picture that users can see in  the image gallery.

Note:The default start view of the first 360-degree-image of your tour will be used to generate the preview thumbnail for the complete tour. The preview thumbnail is displayed in the main menu of your account, in social media posts and in the preview PDF.

To change the default viewing directions and the preview thumbnail of a 360-degree-image, select Connect Images in the editing section.

Now select a 360-degree-image from the list on the left side and use your mouse to move the view to the position that you want to define as the default viewing direction.

Click Save default start view to set the current view as the default viewing direction for the picture.


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