Account Overview: The Main Menu

In the main menu of our FEELESTATE account you find an overview of all your 360-degree-tours and can access the various functions and sections of your FEELESTATE account.

What you can do in the main menu

  • Tour-Overview
  • Search tours
  • Create a new tour
  • Access the account settings
  • Access the Showroom


For each 360-degree-tour in your account, a preview image, the set visibility, the object ID, the assigned contact person and the creation date are displayed.

In addition, the following functions are available for each of your 360-degree-tours:

[View Tour] – The 360-degree-tour is started in a new tab in your internet browser.

[Edit Tour] – Opens the editing section for the 360-degree-tour.

[Statistics] – Opens the statistics for the 360-degree-tour

[Delete Tour] – Deletes the 360-degree-tour from your account.


Search for 360-degree-tours in your account, for example by enter the tour-name, address or object-ID in the search field.


Create a New Tour

Here you create a new 360-degree-tour. You will be automatically redirected to the editing section of the tour after entering a tour-name.



Here you can manage your general account settings, customize your tours-branding and manage contact profiles.



Here you can organize your guided-tour-appointments.


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